Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer to all your doubts.

Your app is hosted in our dedicated servers so you don't have to worry about the technical management of your app.
This service is included in all available plans.

Yes. You only need to indicate our public IP address to the company where your domain is hosted.

Access here to your user account and select the payments tab.
At the moment we accept payments through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

The Educando team executes daily backups to all the data you generate. Backups are made to your database and to some local files used by your app.

Yes. Every month we release new functionalities to Educando which are made available freely to all customers.
Some of the new functionalities are created by the Educando team and, they are included in the monthly development roadmap.
We are constantly in contact with our customers with the purpose of improving the existing functionalities, solve possible bugs and obviously, listen to new ideias about new functionalities.
Get in touch and tell us your ideas.

Yes. We already have experience in importing data from other systems. The most common data imported are usually students, teachers, users, etc.
Just tell us which system you use and we'll do a thorough analysis of your database, so we can import it while preserving the original data as much as possible.
This service is free but does not hold a guarantee of full success.

You don't. You only need to open a web browser, write your address and start working. We only recommend that you keep your browser updated with the latest version.

Doubts? Contact us