Educando Live Demo

With this demo you can explore some of the available features and see how it works using different user accounts.


Profile: Administrator Permissions: Unlimited - Access all areas

The administrator user account allows you to have full access to all of Educando's features. With this profile you can configure all the app's main features from Disciplines, Schedules, Users, etc. You have full access to all profiles mainly Students, Teachers and Legal Guardians.

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Profile: Student Permissions: Limited Access

The student user account is limited to viewing only his private data. You can view upcoming events on class schedules, complete surveys, view grades, etc.

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Profile: Teacher Permissions: Limited Access

The Teacher user account has higher permissions than Students or Legal Guardians. You can have access to students profiles while not having access to payments history and other data that a Teacher should not need to know about.

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Legal Guardian

Profile: Legal Guardian Permissions: Limited Access

With this user account a parent (legal guardian) can mantain a close look at their children by viewing class schedules, attendance information, ongoing tasks (homeworks), multiple student reports, etc.

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The Educando app allows you to create your own user profiles by enabling and disabling all of the existing features.